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January 2019 Archives

Gathering information for an uninsured driver collision

In many automobile accidents that do not involve significant injury, the drivers involved exchange insurance information. However, you might be struck on a Texas road by a driver who possesses no insurance. The driver may not even stop to provide information and will just leave. If you cannot gain the other driver’s insurance details on the spot, there are other ways to establish who the other driver is and to try to receive compensation.

Who should I contact if my medical insurance is delayed?

Many health insurance delays are not actually the result of unethical administration by your insurer, so if you find your treatment is not promptly receiving coverage from your insurer, it is a good idea to make a few phone calls first before assuming that your Texas insurance company is intentionally causing trouble for you. explains who you should contact in the event you experience delays in your health coverage.

Do not take an insurance provider's ethics for granted

Most of the insurance companies you are likely to encounter in the Texas marketplace aim for a high standard of professional ethics. They would assess the risks of carrying your policy, charge a fair premium and pay up in the event something unfortunate occurs. However, you should be aware that this is not always the case.

Denied insurance claim: You need an experienced attorney

From health to auto insurance, you rely on these coverages when you need them most. Unfortunately, insurance companies frequently deny such claims for a litany of reasons. When it comes to health insurance claims, denials can result from minor transcription errors to using a provider out of your network. 

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