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A Texas Board Certified Trial Lawyer With More Than 25 Years Of Experience

Handling All Types Of Insurance Law Disputes

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Over 30 Years Of Experience Handling Insurance Disputes For Policyholders

Many individuals drop valid insurance claims after becoming frustrated with the submission process. Many more back away after realizing they lack the time or know-how to successfully dispute a denial.

Struggling With A Denied Or Delayed Insurance Claim? Don’t Give Up.

I am attorney Jon Michael Smith, and at my Austin-based firm, we have the tools and resources necessary to fight back against bad faith insurance claims to help get you money you deserve.

Experience Handling A Wide Range Of Different Disputes

I handle many types of insurance matters for clients throughout Central Texas, including claims and bad faith actions on the part of insurers. I often assist with:

  • Long-term disability insurance claims for those who need help applying for benefits
  • Life insurance claims for beneficiaries who have been denied or experienced delayed benefits under a policy
  • Homeowners insurance claims for homeowners who have been denied property damage claims from weather-related occurrences not covered under the policy or from fire-related damage
  • ERISA claims for those with employer-sponsored insurance and pension benefits
  • Commercial insurance for business owners with general liability coverage who have been denied claims
  • Health and auto insurance claims for policyholders who have been denied benefits or underpaid for what they are rightfully owed

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To discuss your insurance claims with an experienced Austin lawyer, contact me, attorney Jon Michael Smith. I offer confidential consultations.

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