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Denied insurance claim: You need an experienced attorney

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2019 | Delayed And Denied Insurance Claims | 0 comments

From health to auto insurance, you rely on these coverages when you need them most. Unfortunately, insurance companies frequently deny such claims for a litany of reasons. When it comes to health insurance claims, denials can result from minor transcription errors to using a provider out of your network. 

It is possible to appeal a decision, but it can be an incredibly complicated process. That is why you always want to retain the services of an experienced insurance attorney to assist you through this. 

Things you can do before contacting a lawyer

There are a few ways you can help your attorney begin the appeals process. First, you need to record every piece of communication you have had with the insurance company. That means knowing where all the emails are. In the event you speak with an insurance adjuster over the phone, you should record the conversation. These communications can contain helpful details that will help the attorney build a stronger case. 

Secondly, you should contact the insurance agency to provide a second assessment. That means if you deal with your auto insurance to handle damage following a car crash, you should have a second person evaluate the damage. If the insurance agency continues to deny the claim after the second inspection, then at that point, you need to get an attorney involved. 

Reasons you need a lawyer

Insurance law in Texas is incredibly complex. It became even more difficult to decipher in 2017 when a new law passed making it more difficult for consumers to sue insurance companies. Your lawyer will guide you through each step of the process, which will likely begin with a demand letter. Your lawyer may also provide you with steps on how to go through the formal appeals process each insurance company has set up. Filing a lawsuit is generally a last resort, but if it comes to that, your attorney will have your back there, too.