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Historic winter weather sparks massive spike in insurance claims

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2021 | Delayed And Denied Insurance Claims | 0 comments

Texans are unaccustomed to anything more than brief and passing cold temperatures and harsh winter weather. Homes are often unprepared for the aftermath of snow, ice and freezing temperatures. This can result in damage and the need to file insurance claims to pay for it. When insurers are confronted with a substantial spike in filings, they might try to find ways to avoid paying for certain claims. People who were under the impression that their policies provided sufficient coverage could be hit with the dual challenge of property damage and a denied insurance claim. To address these matters, it may be necessary to have legal advice.

Recent winter storms across Texas cause massive damage

Texas was hit with unprecedented winter weather that insurance experts expect will lead to untold numbers of claims. It may be the most expensive weather-related event in the history of the state. Because the weather impacted much of the state, it goes beyond the usual scope of weather problems that often result in insurance filings. Pipes were frozen, homes sprung leaks and there was flooding with massive damage to residences and the property inside.

The change from the winter weather to warmer weather has allowed pipes to thaw and is showing people the extend of the damage they suffered. Compared to 2020 when one insurer – State Farm – received 75 claims for broken pipes because of the cold, there have already been around 29,000 claims in 2021 because of the storm. People are advised to have their policies available and to contact their broker or the company itself. They are also being told to take photographs prior to beginning any repairs.

Legal assistance can be key with delayed or denied insurance claims

Given the urgent nature of some repairs, people will need their insurance claims approved and paid promptly. Unfortunately, people could face the daunting prospect of insurers questioning claims, reducing the expected payout or simply denying the claim completely. It is vital for those who are concerned about this type of behavior on the part of insurance companies to be fully protected and do what they can to recover for what was lost. A firm with experience in delayed and denied insurance claims may be able to help. Calling for guidance and help is a wise step in receiving payment.