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A Texas Board Certified Trial Lawyer With More Than 25 Years Of Experience

Handling All Types Of Insurance Law Disputes

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Helping Local Homeowners Recover For Hail, Wind, Water And Fire Insurance Claims

When a catastrophic event strikes, homeowners rely on insurance companies to assist with the damages. Unfortunately, many insurers are not there when you need them most.

They may wrongfully deny a valid claim, delay payment or attempt to settle for less than what is owed. Do not lose heart.

Over 30 Years Of Legal Experience

I am attorney Jon Michael Smith. As a lawyer with over 30 years of insurance claim experience, I can help you obtain fair and timely compensation.

I am dedicated to preserving the rights of homeowners in Austin and surrounding Texas communities and will provide you with ardent advocacy throughout the course of your case. I have experience representing homeowners in claims for damage caused by hail, wind, plumbing leaks, fire and flood.

What You Can Expect

During our initial consultation, I will help you determine whether or not your claim denial is valid. Many policies limit their coverage to specific events and will exclude damage caused by earth movements and floods. Claim disputes will usually center around these and other exclusions.

In order to accurately prove a claim, it is important to be familiar with your policy and relevant insurance law. As an Austin homeowner insurance claim lawyer, I am well-versed in this area. I have access to professionals such as contractors and engineers who can help validate the cause and extent of the damage to your house.

Legal Advocacy You Need To Fight For Your Rights

A common misconception among homeowners is that insurance adjusters are their friends. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Adjusters may be amicable, but they are ultimately working to limit your insurer’s liability. When it comes time to negotiate, they will not take your side. I, Jon Michael Smith, am prepared to advocate forcefully on your behalf. I am experienced in insurance litigation and will always stand up for your rights.

Contact My Office To Schedule A Consultation

If you have been denied a claim on your homeowners insurance, do not give up. Depending upon the nature of your situation, you may be able to reverse the decision.

Contact my firm today at 512-518-4584.