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Uninsured motorists are still a problem on Texas roads

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2024 | Uninsured/Underinsured Auto Insurance Claims | 0 comments

According to the Insurance Information Institute, Texas has relatively few uninsured motorists on its roads when compared to other states.

However, there are still enough people driving without insurance in this state to present a serious economic problem for both accident victims and society.

The Institute estimates that in Texas, over 8% of motorists are operating without legally required automobile liability insurance. Putting that in perspective, that’s slightly fewer than 1 out of every 10 cars an Austin resident might see on the road.

This figure does not tell the whole story. For one, some estimate the number of uninsured motorists in Texas to be much higher than the Institute.

Furthermore, Texas only requires drivers to have liability insurance that will pay individual accident victims up to $30,000. If there are multiple victims, the minimum coverage would only pay $60,000 total.

While this minimal amount keeps drivers legal in our state, most people can probably see that any serious accident could cost an innocent motor vehicle accident victim far more than $30,000 in medical bills alone, not even considering lost wages, non-economic losses and other damages.

 An injured victim may have to turn to their own insurance carrier

Texans have the option to buy uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage from their own automobile insurance carriers.

If they did buy this coverage, accident victims should turn to their own insurance carriers for additional compensation if an uninsured motorist is responsible for their injuries.

They may also file a claim with their own carrier if a negligent driver’s limits are not enough to fully compensate them.

Even dealing with one’s own insurance company can be complicated and frustrating. Victims needing to file a claim for uninsured and underinsured benefits should make sure they understand their legal options. They will need to know how to deal with their insurance company effectively.