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A Texas Board Certified Trial Lawyer With More Than 25 Years Of Experience

Handling All Types Of Insurance Law Disputes

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Over 25 Years Handling Insurance Claims For Texas Business Owners

Managing a business involves a great deal of sweat and personal sacrifice. When that effort is compromised and a company is threatened by a denied insurance claim, the path ahead can be rough. Do not give up.

I am attorney Jon Michael Smith, and for more than 30 years, I have dedicated my practice to holding insurance companies accountable. I work hard to see that the claims of Texas business owners are honored and that their rights are respected.

A Thorough Understanding Of Complex General Liability Policies

General liability policies will most often contain one sentence that acts as the insuring agreement. This sentence may say something like, “We agree to pay you in the event of X, Y or Z.” While seemingly simple on the surface, it is often followed by pages and pages of exclusions.

As a longtime Austin commercial insurance claim lawyer, I understand the complex issues and laws that govern these types of policies. I know how to accurately analyze exclusions and other policy components to assist you in developing solid justification for coverage. Should your matter necessitate further evaluation, I have access to engineers, contractors and other professionals who can thoroughly assess your property damage and estimate any losses.

Pursuing The Best Possible Outcome For You

Information gained from my investigation will be used in negotiations with your insurer. In every case, I will do my utmost to help you secure a full and fair settlement. If necessary, I am not afraid to take your matter to court.

Committed To Helping You Recover What You Deserve

As a responsible business owner, you spent a great deal of resources to insure your property and protect your company from harm. A claim denial can seem like a devastating loss. At my firm, I am committed to helping you recover and move forward with confidence.

Contact me today at 512-518-4584 to schedule a consultation to discuss your commercial insurance matter.