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Help For Your Delayed And Denied Insurance Claims

Sections 541 and 542 of the Texas Insurance Code were written to protect consumers whose insurance companies act in bad faith by unfairly denying or delaying the payment of insurance claims involving:

More Than 25 Years Of Experience Handling Texas-Insurance Matters

I am attorney Jon Michael Smith, and at my Austin-based law firm, I am highly familiar with these laws. I use in-depth legal knowledge to recover compensation for policyholders.

For more than 30 years, I have represented clients throughout central Texas in insurance-related matters and other consumer and commercial law disputes. My practice is dedicated to litigation. I fight hard to achieve the best possible results in these often-complex cases.

Understanding Repercussions For An Insurance Company’s Failure To Pay You

Many of these claims are essentially breach of contract actions. I closely examine the policy and hold insurance companies accountable for their promises. Unfortunately, since insurance companies write the policies signed by policyholders, those policies often favor the insurance company over the insured.

Luckily, many policyholders are protected by Texas state laws, including the Texas Insurance Code. Under the Code, insurers face an 18 percent penalty if they don’t pay in a certain amount of time. But it takes a skilled lawyer to enforce this provision.

Texas common law may also apply in your case. The common law protects consumers from breach of good faith and fair dealing by insurance companies, and Texas courts have established precedent that protects policyholders in certain situations.

Choosing A Strategy That Will Achieve The Best Possible Outcome For You

Each case is unique, however. When an insurance claim is unfairly delayed or denied, I examine all your options and choose the strategy that will achieve the best possible results quickly and effectively.

If You Are Facing A Delayed Or Denied Claim, Contact Me Today.

To discuss denied insurance claims in Austin and the surrounding areas, contact me, attorney Jon Michael Smith, for a confidential consultation.

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