Austin Auto Insurance Lawyer

A car wreck takes just seconds but can lead to legal hassles that take weeks or even months to resolve. Unfortunately, many people who face a personal injury or property damage after a wreck spend way too much time fighting with insurance companies over the full and fair compensation they rightly deserve.

If you have been fighting with an insurance company - if your claim is being undervalued or delayed - it is time to consult with a lawyer regarding your options. At my Austin-based law firm, I can help. I give clear and candid legal advice to people throughout central Texas, helping my clients recover the compensation they deserve from insurance companies.

Fighting Denied Auto Insurance Claims

Sometimes, no matter how well a valid claim is presented, it will be rejected by a car insurance company. When this occurs, you will be provided with a letter detailing the exact reasons for your denial.

I can review this letter and explain the facts and laws that might apply in your situation, explaining everything clearly and candidly. It may be necessary to pursue litigation in order to recover compensation for unpaid medical bills, missed work and other costs that should be covered by insurance.

The best strategy to recover compensation often depends on the language of your policy, as well as Texas state and federal laws. In some cases, an alternative dispute resolution method such as arbitration or mediation is part of a successful litigation strategy.

Contact Attorney Jon Michael Smith Regarding Denied Insurance Claims

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