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Gathering information for an uninsured driver collision

In many automobile accidents that do not involve significant injury, the drivers involved exchange insurance information. However, you might be struck on a Texas road by a driver who possesses no insurance. The driver may not even stop to provide information and will just leave. If you cannot gain the other driver’s insurance details on the spot, there are other ways to establish who the other driver is and to try to receive compensation.

What does it mean to be an underinsured driver?

Being struck on a Texas road by a driver who does not possess insurance can be a true burden for the driver who was wronged, as the other motorist’s lack of coverage can make receiving compensation harder. But what does it mean if a driver is underinsured? While a driver that has been struck by an underinsured driver can still receive compensation, it will not be up to the level the injured party would receive if the other driver had adequate insurance.

Pros and cons of opting out of uninsured motorist coverage

The upside of rejecting uninsured motorist insurance in Texas is obvious to many people: it would likely reduce monthly auto insurance bills. The disadvantages of opting out are probably greater in most cases, although they could prove somewhat more difficult to enumerate and explain.

What is uninsured motorist coverage and must I carry it?

Getting struck by a motorist who does not carry the proper insurance can add more frustration and anger on top of the damage your automobile has sustained. After all, the law requires motorists to carry insurance in the event of an accident, so it feels wrong that the at-fault motorist does not possess insurance to cover your damages. However, Texas drivers do have an available safeguard against uninsured motorists in the form of uninsured motorist coverage.

What happens when you get hit by someone with no insurance?

If another vehicle hits your vehicle in Texas, you have the right to assume they carry proper insurance coverage and can pay for any damages. It is normal to expect the person at fault to cover expenses of an accident, but in some cases, the person that hits you may not have insurance. If this happens, you may feel upset and be unsure what to do. After all, it was not your fault the accident occurred, so why should you have to pay for the damages?

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