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The facts about independent medical examinations

One way insurance companies may try to turn you down for an injury claim is to say that whatever injuries you have sustained are either exaggerated, misdiagnosed, or do not exist. Showing the results of medical exams from your Texas doctor that prove you have indeed been hurt can show you are deserving of benefits. But then an insurer throws another hurdle your way, claiming that you used a doctor that is too biased in your favor. They want an independent medical examination conducted instead before they will proceed with your claim.

Life insurance companies may cut costs at your expense

Families depend on life insurance to survive if something were to happen to one or more breadwinners. Collecting benefits can be the only comfort in a time of mourning and uncertainty. However, some families discover the unfortunate truth: many insurance companies attempt to avoid paying this vital support.

3 things to do if your health insurance claim is denied

You expect your health insurance provider to pick up at least some of your medical claim, whether it is for an emergency operation or a routine visit to the doctor. But sometimes that is not the case. In fact, according to Forbes, 200 million health insurance claims are denied each year. That is a disheartening statistic that you may be a part of.

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