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Auto insurance and accidents with young drivers

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Uninsured/Underinsured Auto Insurance Claims | 0 comments

In Texas, younger drivers are an understandable concern to others on the road. Because they are so new to driving and lack experience with sharing the road, behaving safely, navigating poor weather and tend to be reckless, auto collisions are common.

When they are in an accident, there may be concerns about whether the insurance coverage is sufficient to pay for all that was lost. That includes injuries and property damage. Understanding how insurance covers young drivers can help with seeking sufficient compensation. If there are disputes or the insurer balks at paying for certain costs, it is important to have tailored legal assistance.

Understanding auto insurance and how it covers young drivers

With so many younger people heading off to college or using their newfound freedom as drivers taking to the road and being out from under the watchful eye of their parents, accidents will happen. People might make mistakes with the details of how the insurance policy covers teens. Knowing the facts is key.

Parents can do one of two things when they have a young driver in their household. First, they can simply add them to the existing policy or get them their own policy. In general, it is less expensive to add the young driver to the parents’ policy. For some insurers, there is a rule that everyone who is residing with the policyholder and is of driving age must be on the policy when they begin driving or turn 16. Policyholders may face bills for what was not paid if they fail to do so. There can also be a claim denial or cancelation of the policy. If there is an accident, this could present a problem and be the foundation for a dispute.

If the young driver has gone away to school, the company might require that driver to remain on the policy whether they are living in the policyholder’s home or not. The details as to the child’s residence and if they have their own automobile might be critical in terms of the coverage. The rates might change and if there is an accident, this could be an obstacle when trying to receive payment.

Qualified and specific legal help

Despite the rules being relatively clear as to how insurance coverage handles young drivers, there may still be a disagreement with the insurer. For legal assistance with receiving proper compensation based on the insurance policy, it is vital to have guidance from professionals who specialize in these types of cases. Calling for a consultation is a wise first step in an auto insurance dispute to hold insurance companies accountable and ensure they adhere to their obligations.