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What do I do if insurance is delaying or denying my claim?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2021 | Delayed And Denied Insurance Claims | 0 comments

Regardless of the reason, filing an insurance claim is never easy. This is because insurance companies make their money by not paying out claims. However, if one is dealing with an insurance company that is delaying or inappropriately denying a claim, they may be violating the law, which means call, Jon Michael Smith, Attorney.

The law

The Texas Insurance Code (Sections 541 and 542) were enacted to protect consumers from these types of delays and denials. Specifically, these sections prohibit insurance companies from acting in bad faith by unfairly denying or delaying the payment of insurance claims involving. Just about all types of insurance qualify, like health, homeowners, fire, commercial, life, health, long-term disability and auto insurance.

Over 30 years of experience

Attorney, Jon Michael Smith, has been an Austin-based attorney handling Texas-insurance matters for over 30 years. As such, he knows these insurance laws well and has an in-depth legal knowledge on how to recover from these unscrupulous insurance companies when they delay and deny insurance claims. Indeed, he specializes in consumer and commercial law disputes including litigation and complex-legal issues.

Repercussions for insurance companies

Essentially, most of the insurance claims are essentially, breach of contract actions, which is how both Texas insurance law and Texas common law are usually part of insurance litigation. This is why attorney, Jon Michael Smith, analyzes each insurance policy to ensure that the insurance companies are living up to their obligations. Unfortunately, since these policies are written by the insurance companies themselves, the policy holder is often at a disadvantage. But, since Texas law and Texas Insurance Code protect consumers, unscrupulous insurance companies face an 18 percent penalty when they delay insurance payments. And, Texas law mandates that insurance companies use good faith and fair dealing with their clients.