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Home insurance must be scrutinized for weather-related coverage

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2021 | Delayed And Denied Insurance Claims | 0 comments

The Texas ice storms were a shock to people who believed the state was shielded from such dramatic weather events. For many, it also highlighted how their insurance policy coverage might not be as extensive as they initially thought. Compounding a terrible occurrence like the unprecedented storms with insurance companies delaying or denying payouts will exponentially increase the stress people might feel. It can harm them financially, personally and emotionally. With the dawn of spring, it also leaves Texans vulnerable to hail storms and other natural disasters. Before getting into a back and forth with the insurance company, having professional assistance could find solutions.

Winter storm insurance disagreements can be used as a guideline

For people who might be paying for winter storm damages out of their own pocket, there are important points to remember. The issues people faced from storm damage should be addressed before another weather problem arises. It is also important to have guidance to try and maximize payment from insurers. Anecdotal evidence is being shared by people who believed they were covered for certain kinds of damage under their insurance policies, but have been met with resistance from the companies when they are asked to pay.

Disputes with the insurance company are unfortunately frequent. There might be common ground that there is a certain level of coverage, but the insurer might come up with a dollar figure that is not in line with what the policyholder says needs to be paid. For example, a person might have an assessment saying a damaged roof needs to be replaced while the insurance company claims it simply needs to be repaired. This can result in a vast disparity in cost. Demanding that the repairs be appraised can be an effective strategy to resolve any issue, but that does not necessarily solve the dispute.

Litigation might be the only way to receive payment

After a weather-related disaster, people are expecting insurance to help them pick up the pieces. If the insurer delays or outright denies a claim for any reason, the primary solution to get what the policy says a person should get is to consider a legal filing. Delayed and denied insurance claims for past damage can be costly in myriad ways. Policyholders should also be prepared for possible future damage with troubling weather seasons ahead. For advice and representation with a weather issue in which the insurance company is being unreasonable, it is wise to contact experienced professionals who understand how to handle insurance cases.