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Dealing with a delayed insurance claim

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2019 | Delayed And Denied Insurance Claims | 0 comments

Sometimes, those who file an insurance claim are able to gain access to the money that they need and deserve in a relatively timely manner. Unfortunately, this is not always the reality for many people who file a claim, whether their claim is rejected or significantly delayed. When an insurance claim is delayed, the entire incident can be very challenging for those who should be able to receive benefits. Not only do many people face financial uncertainties when a claim is pushed off for too long, but they may have a significant amount of stress and feel hopeless about their ability to secure the compensation they were counting on.

Our law firm knows that this can be immensely frustrating, and some people struggle with negative emotions during these ordeals. However, it is imperative for people to stay focused on their claim and look into legal strategies that could speed things up. Regrettably, many insurance companies use delay tactics in order to reduce the amount that they have to pay. For example, a policyholder may feel bullied into accepting a lower settlement than they deserve because they are frustrated and have little faith in their claim, so they take whatever they can get.

If you suspect that your insurance company is guilty of unfairly delaying your claim or another bad faith practice, you should not think twice about bringing this to their attention, with the help of a legal professional if necessary. Policyholders deserve to be treated fairly and when their rights are violated, insurance companies must be held accountable and should not be permitted to skirt responsibility.