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Accident claims: what to do when the other driver is uninsured

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2019 | Insurance Coverage | 0 comments

In Texas, fault matters in an auto accident. After an accident, a person’s ability to collect depends on fault. If one car is responsible or at least 50% responsible, then the insurance company has to pay the other driver. While most accidents involve one driver seeking compensation from another company, what happens when one driver does not have insurance? According to the Insurance Information Institute, one out of eight drivers is uninsured. After an accident, insured drivers should take a breath and follow a few tips.

American Family Insurance suggests that drivers should call the police promptly. This is a good step, regardless of whether the person has insurance. With uninsured drivers, however, it is more important because drivers will need the report to help receive compensation. When drivers do not have insurance, they may be more likely to offer money. This is due to the high fees and fines that they may face because of having no insurance. Drivers should not accept any money, especially if they do not know the extent of damages. Acceptance can ruin a claim.

As with any car accident, it is crucial to exchange information. Even though the driver does not have insurance, the other should still write down any contact and vehicle information. Drivers need to stay calm the entire time. It may be frustrating to learn that another driver does not have insurance, but it causes more problems to be impolite or aggressive. Instead of contacting the other insurance company, the driver will contact his or her own insurance company for assistance with the claim.