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4 ways an attorney can help with a denied insurance claim

| Aug 22, 2019 | Delayed And Denied Insurance Claims | 0 comments

After getting into a car crash or other accident in Austin, Texas, you may assume the at-fault party’s insurance company will cover your damages. However, insurance companies often use deny-and-delay tactics to avoid payouts.

You have options if an insurance company recently denied your personal injury or property damage claim. Hiring an insurance claim dispute lawyer could have multiple benefits for you and your family during the claims process.

  1. Find out why the insurer denied your claim

First, your attorney can help you understand why the insurance company denied your claim. The Consumer Bill of Rights in Texas grants the right to an explanation of the denial. The insurance company must explain the reason for its denial in writing. If the company failed to give you a valid reason, your lawyer can request more information to get to the bottom of the issue.


  1. File an appeal

Then, your lawyer can take care of the appeal process. You have the right to appeal, or request to change, an insurance company’s decision. Filing an appeal involves filling out the correct paperwork and giving it to the insurance company before the deadline. You typically must complete an internal appeals process before you can take your case to court.

  1. Investigate insurance bad faith

There is a chance the insurance company is treating your claim in bad faith. Bad faith means the insurance provider is not following the rules and accepted standards of the industry. Examples of bad faith practices include denying a valid claim without reason, unnecessarily delaying payout, failing to conduct a proper investigation and offering far less than the claimant deserved.

  1. Take the insurance company to court

A lawyer has the power to take your case against the insurance company to court, if necessary. Most denied insurance claim cases successfully reach settlements without having to go to trial. If the insurance company refuses to treat your case fairly or continues to deny your claim, however, a lawsuit may be the only option. Your lawyer can file your claim in Austin and stand by your side during the legal process.