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Life insurance companies may cut costs at your expense

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2018 | Delayed And Denied Insurance Claims | 0 comments

Families depend on life insurance to survive if something were to happen to one or more breadwinners. Collecting benefits can be the only comfort in a time of mourning and uncertainty. However, some families discover the unfortunate truth: many insurance companies attempt to avoid paying this vital support.

Forbes contributors report that the life insurance industry is struggling financially. Their profits have lagged over the past few years. They are behind in technological tools. Customer satisfaction is low. In an effort to recover, these companies will have to make a few major changes, which could affect Texas beneficiaries for better or worse.

The Forbes article explained that these companies may attempt to “cut costs by as much as 25% within three years.” While some companies have lowered their spending on agent perks and inefficient marketing, other companies might expect the families of policy holders to pick up the slack.

One of the strategies to “trim” expenses may be benefit denial whenever possible. If these companies can receive thousands of dollars from policy holders over their lifetime, but escape paying beneficiaries, they can net a huge profit.

Of course, these denials are not always valid. Denials typically focus on the fine print; companies could justify their decision based on any minor mistake or technicality, which may not even apply to your situation.

It can be devastating to hear that in addition to the loss of a loved one, you now have to fight for insurance benefits. During this difficult time, your attorney will help you seek payment. If you receive a letter of denial, you can dispute the company’s reasoning with skilled legal representation.