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Good health is something that many people take for granted. It is not until a major illness or injury that they realize just how precious it is. Insurance is similar. Many people take their policies for granted, counting on insurers to pay their fair share without objection. It is not until a major health crisis arises - and the insurer stops paying - that people realize how vulnerable they truly are.

At my Austin-based law firm, I take the side of people whose health insurance claims were underpaid or unpaid by their insurers. My clients are policyholders throughout central Texas who counted on their insurers to hold up their end of the bargain, only to have the fine print in their policies used against them. I represent policyholders who can not obtain the medical care or procedure that they are need because their insurance company will not approve the claim. I represent policyholders who have received treatment but now owe large amount of moneys to healthcare providers because the insurance company didn't pay. I also represent policyholders who have been forced to pay large sums out of pocket because their insurance company would not pay for a covered procedure. Whatever your situation, if the insurance company has denied your claim I can help.

These insurers act in bad faith, telling policyholders that a condition was preexisting, not covered by the policy or that the insured failed to meet certain requirements. Paperwork goes missing. Additional forms, authorizations and statements are required - all in a deliberate attempt to delay or deny the claim. Many people feel so frustrated, they just want to give up.

If you are struggling with your health insurer, don't give up. Get a lawyer.

Countering The Company Advantage

I have more than 25 years of experience reading and interpreting insurance policies and law. Whether you are preparing an initial health insurance claim or have already been denied, I will assist you in building a strong case for coverage.

You should know that insurance companies have an advantage from the very start. Not only are they the writers of your policy, but they also possess the power to delay or deny payment. In addition, they employ skilled adjusters who work to keep money in the company's pockets.

If you are involved in a bad faith claims dispute with your health insurance company, it is to your advantage to consult with a knowledgeable lawyer as soon as possible. Depending on the applicable statute of limitations and the nature of your policy, certain deadlines will apply. I can help you properly complete and file paperwork so that your matter is resolved expediently. When you retain my services, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands.

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