Get An Affordable Legal Representation When You Need It The Most

The Difference Between A Cheap Lawyer And Paying Reasonable Fees For Quality Legal Services

Every owner of a small business knows that a successful operation depends on focusing on meeting customer needs, not fighting over disputes and lawsuits. If you are embattled in a dispute with a business partner, customer, independent contractor or supplier, preventing the issue from turning into expensive courtroom litigation should be your highest priority.

Call For A Free Lawyer Consultation About Your Business Dispute

I am commercial law specialist Jon Michael Smith, Attorney at Law. For more than 25 years, I have been helping small businesses in Austin and Central Texas succeed by staying out of the courtroom. I work directly with my clients to listen to their concerns, discover the underlying nature of the dispute and work toward a strategy of a fair and reasonable resolution. Call my office at 512-518-4584.

A Lawyer Who Is Sensitive To Your Company's Budget For Legal Counsel

Very few small businesses afford a costly lawsuit in their annual operating budget. I understand how important it is to keep your legal fees to a minimum. Whether you need quality legal counsel about managing your risk of litigation, or already need experienced defense counsel on a budget, turn to me for help.

My experience includes representing small businesses in disputes and litigation matters across a broad spectrum of industries and legal matters, including:

  • Commercial property, leases and real estate disputes
  • Business partnership litigation
  • Collections actions
  • Insurance claims litigation
  • Sales agreements
  • Disputes over non-compete and confidentiality agreements
  • Employment contract disputes and litigation

Call me at 512-518-4584 or reach out by email message to request a return phone call. I offer a free initial consultation to evaluate your needs and explain my services.